Great news! RecoRNA won second place

scanning: time:2022-09-19

On September 19, under the guidance of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the 11th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong · Guangzhou Competition Area) and the final of the 2022 Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition/Biomedical Industry Competition were successfully held. As a national innovation and entrepreneurship event, The China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is the oldest and most influential innovation and entrepreneurship event in China.


This year, 89 biopharmaceutical enterprises took part in fierce competition, including 19 enterprises in the final round of the start-up group for final PK, and 70 enterprises in the semi-final of the growth group for tickets to the final. An "8+2" road show mode was adopted for the final round of the start-up group. In this mode, the participating enterprises conducted an 8-minute self-statement and a 2-minute defense. Following the principles of "openness, fairness, impartiality and competitive excellence", the participating enterprises were judged on five aspects, namely; technology and products, business model and implementation plan, industry and market, financial analysis, and team.

As one of the competitors in the start-up group, RecoRNA’s project of "disease treatment based on RNA editing technology" overcame all challenges and won second place! This competition marks the first time that RecoRNA has participated in a National mass entrepreneurship and innovation competition.

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